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How to Log on to this VKC


If you browse this VKC you will first see the parts which are publicly accessible. To view the rest you need to log on:


  • Click on “Sign In” in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Fill in your own Solis ID (for instance SOLISCOM\jansen101, and please notice the required domain name SOLISCOM\ and note the backslash, \ instead of / )
  • Your password is the password you use to log on on your workplace and which you use to read your webmail.
  • Click on “OK”



From now on your username will be visible in the right upper corner and you will see more functionality in the menu at the left.


A safety warning: please do not let Internet Explorer remember your username and password. This may seem like an easy option, but the risk is that when someone else works on your computer, he or she can enter your VKC with your credentials!

The safety settings will require you to log on again each time you visite the VKC, and for example when opening a document which is stored in the VKC. There is a way to change that and have Sharepoint always use your Windows credentials. This will only work if your computer is in the SOLISCOM-domain (your workplace at the UU, not your private computer at home), and if Internet Explorer is your browser.

  • Go to Tools and choose Internet Options.
  • Go to the Security-tab and next to Local intranet.
  • Activate the Sites-button, then choose Advanced, and add as a trusted site:
Projects Wiki: Login