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Attachment2013Joost JonkerWedged between the market and the world: the Amsterdam Haute Banque, 1650s-191413-9-2013 14:26
2014Oscar Gelderblom; Joost Jonker(with Abe de Jong) The VOC Insurance Contract of 161325-4-2013 09:48
Attachment2012Into the frontier: medieval land reclamation and the creation of new societies. Comparing Holland and the Po Valley, 800-150026-9-2012 23:21
Attachment2012Oscar Gelderblom; Joost Jonker(with Abe de Jong) The Formative Years of the Modern Corporation: Dutch East India Company, 1602-162317-7-2012 09:09
2012Tine (Martina) De Moor; Miguel Laborda PemánA Tale of Two Commons. Some Preliminary Hypotheses on the Long-Term Development of the Commons in Western and Eastern Europe, 1000-1900.24-5-2012 11:23
2012Miguel Laborda Pemán; Tine (Martina) De MoorA Tale of Two Commons. Some Preliminary Hypotheses on the Long-Term Development of the Commons in Western and Eastern Europe, 1000-1900.24-5-2012 11:22
Attachment2011Auke RijpmaEstimating and explaining public service provision by religious organisations in the late-medieval Low Countries11-5-2012 11:25
2011Gerarda Westerhuis(with Matthias Kipping) Strategy, structure, performance: the introduction of the M-form in Dutch banks29-12-2011 14:55
2008Gerarda Westerhuis; Keetie SluytermanThe flow of people: globalisation and the organisation of the international workforce in multinational companies29-12-2011 14:48
2009Gerarda Westerhuis(with Abe de Jong), The individual manager and the transfer of "corporate fashions": measuring the effects of the Dutch corporate network, 1948-200329-12-2011 14:46
2009Gerarda Westerhuis(with Abe de Jong), Governance transitions in family firms: a meta-analysis29-12-2011 14:45
2010Gerarda Westerhuis(with Jan van de Ende), Communication technologies and their effects on vertical integration: a historical analysis of the securities trade29-12-2011 14:44
2011Gerarda Westerhuis(with Thomas David), The evolution of corporate networks: a comparison between the Netherlands and Switzerland, 1903-200829-12-2011 14:43
2011Gerarda Westerhuis(with Jan Dul, Tony Hak and Abe de Jong) Necessary condition analysis and M&A success29-12-2011 14:42
2011Gerarda Westerhuis(with Hugo van Driel and Abe de Jong), Family involvement, innovation and growth: a PLS and case survey analysis29-12-2011 14:41
2010Gerarda WesterhuisThe evolution of risk management in banking: evidence from the Netherlands, 1957-200729-12-2011 14:37
Attachment2011Oscar Gelderblom; Joost JonkerAlba's Irony, Urban autonomy and Public Finance in the Low Countries (1384-1713)24-11-2011 11:41
Attachment2011Miguel Laborda Pemán'Hombres que entre las raíces': Plantation colonies, slave rebellions and land redistribution in Saint Domingue and Cuba at the late colonial period, c. 1750 - c. 18604-11-2011 10:17
Attachment2011-2012Tine (Martina) De MoorKeeping it in the family? De economie van het huishouden in vroegmodern Holland8-6-2011 16:19
Attachment2009Bas van Bavel / B.J.P. van Bavel; Tine (Martina) De Moor; Jan Luiten van ZandenFactor markets in global economic history_published12-5-2011 18:40
Attachment2008Tine (Martina) De Moor; Jan Luiten van ZandenDo ut des_published12-5-2011 18:36
Attachment2008Bas van Bavel / B.J.P. van Bavel; Tine (Martina) De Moor; Jan Luiten van ZandenThe institutional organization of land markets_published12-5-2011 18:27
Attachment2010Tine (Martina) De Moor; Jan Luiten van ZandenEvery woman counts_published12-5-2011 18:19
Attachment2009Tine (Martina) De Moor; Jan Luiten van ZandenGirl power: the European marriage pattern and labour market12-5-2011 18:14
Attachment2009Tine (Martina) De MoorParticipating is more important than winning12-5-2011 18:07
Attachment2011Jan Luiten van ZandenWith Baten, Foldvari and van Leeuwen, The Changing Shape of Global Inequality 1820-200025-4-2011 21:19
Attachment2011Jan Luiten van ZandenThe Changing Shape of Global Inequality 1820-2000: Exploring a new dataset25-4-2011 21:09
Attachment2011Ewout Frankema(with Marlous van Waijenburg) African Real Wages in Asian Perspective, 1880-1940 21-3-2011 21:16
Attachment2011Ewout FrankemaThe Origins of Formal Education in sub-Saharan Africa: Was British Rule More Benign?21-3-2011 15:31
Attachment2011Oscar Gelderblom; Joost Jonker(with Abe de Jong, EUR) Permanent capital and risk management: the case of the VOC insurance contract of 161316-2-2011 09:01
Attachment2011Ewout Frankema(With Aline Masé) An Island Drifting Apart: Why Haiti mires in poverty while the Dominican Republic forges ahead 19-1-2011 14:14
Attachment2010Tine (Martina) De MoorTel uit je winst. Markteconomie en gecijferdheid in de late Middeleeuwen10-1-2011 18:14
Attachment2010Oscar Gelderblom; Joost JonkerPublic Finance and Economic Growth - The Case of Holland in the Seventeenth Century13-10-2010 15:12
2010Jan Luiten van Zanden; Tine (Martina) De MoorSmall is beautiful, and efficient. On the efficiency of credit markets in late Medieval Holland.5-7-2010 14:00
Attachment2010Jan Luiten van ZandenBas van Leeuwen and Jan Luiten van Zanden, The Origins of Modern Economic Growth? Holland between 1347 and 180715-6-2010 14:59
Attachment2010Jessica DijkmanGrain market integration: the case of late medieval Holland29-3-2010 10:50
Attachment2010Jessica DijkmanMarket orientation in late medieval Holland25-2-2010 15:47
Attachment2009Ewout FrankemaJails, Roads or Hospitals? Fiscal Expansion and Government Spending in British Colonial Africa, 1880-19401-12-2009 14:01
Attachment2009Oscar Gelderblom; Joost JonkerWith Abe de Jong (RSM) PUTTING LE MAIRE INTO PERSPECTIVE, business organization and the evolution of corporate governance in the Dutch Republic, 1590-161026-10-2009 17:01
Attachment2009, second revisionOscar Gelderblom; Joost JonkerMirroring Different Follies, the Character of the 1720 Bubble in the Dutch Republic9-10-2009 14:43
Attachment2009Ewout Frankema(with Pieter Woltjer and Jan Pieter Smits) Comparing Labour Productivity in Western Europe and the United States, ca. 1910: A new benchmark of sector PPPs8-9-2009 09:45
Attachment2009Ewout FrankemaIndustrial Wage Inequality in Latin America in Global Perspective, 1900-200026-5-2009 14:04
Attachment2009Ewout FrankemaRaising Revenue in the British Empire, 1870-1940: How ‘extractive’ were colonial taxes?26-5-2009 13:58
Attachment2009Ewout FrankemaReconstructing Labour Income Shares in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, 1870-200026-5-2009 13:52
Attachment2009Oscar Gelderblom(with Regina Grafe) The Rise and Fall of Merchant Guilds13-3-2009 14:26
Attachment2009Joost JonkerScale at any price: the rise and predictable demise of ABN AMRO, 1960-20066-2-2009 20:00
Attachment2008A financial evolution. The medieval development of public debt in the county of Holland (13th-16th centuries)19-9-2008 08:44
Attachment2008Assets frozen in time. Intergenerational transfers, mobility of capital within families and economic growth in Italy and the Low Countries, 1000-180012-9-2008 17:47
Attachment2007Bram BouwensMergers and acquisitions in a small and open economy; the second merger wave in the Netherlands, 1920-194022-8-2008 13:36
Attachment2008Jan Luiten van ZandenFrom Baghdad to London. The dynamics of urban growth in Europe and the Arab world, 800–1800 22-8-2008 13:07
Attachment2007Jan Luiten van Zanden; Milja van TielhofGrowth and productivity change in Dutch shipping, 1550–180022-8-2008 12:34
Attachment2007Jan Luiten van ZandenEconomic growth in a period of political fragmentation, Western Europe 900–130022-8-2008 12:26
Attachment2007Jan Luiten van ZandenCharting the "rise of the West". Manuscripts and Printed Books in Europe, A long-term perspective from the sixth to the eighteenth centuries22-8-2008 12:24
Attachment2006Jan Luiten van ZandenGlobal Income Distribution and Convergence, 1800–200022-8-2008 12:15
Attachment2005Jan Luiten van ZandenWages, Prices, and Livings Standards in China, Japan, and Europe, 1738–192522-8-2008 12:05
Attachment2004Jan Luiten van ZandenThe skill premium and the ‘Great Divergence’22-8-2008 11:55
Attachment2004Jan Luiten van ZandenColonial state formation and patterns of economic development in Java, 1800–191322-8-2008 11:52
Attachment2002Jan Luiten van ZandenEconomic growth in Java 1815–1939. The reconstruction of the historical national accounts of a colonial economy22-8-2008 11:36
Attachment2009 (revised)Who digs the town moat? The public works of Leyden and the performance of the markets for labour and capital in late medieval Holland22-8-2008 11:14
Attachment2008Labour legislation at a developing labour market. Holland 1350-160022-8-2008 11:13
Attachment2009Bas van Bavel / B.J.P. van Bavel; Oscar GelderblomA Land of Milk and Butter: The Economic Origins of Cleanliness in the Dutch Golden Age21-8-2008 18:34
Attachment2007Joost Jonker; Oscar GelderblomWith a view to hold: the emergence of institutional investors on the Amsterdam securities market during the 17th and 18th centuries21-8-2008 18:32
Attachment2005Oscar GelderblomViolence and Growth. The Protection of Long-distance trade in the Low Countries, 1250-165021-8-2008 18:26
Attachment2008Oscar GelderblomThe Organization of Long-Distance Trade in England and the Dutch Republic (1550-1650)21-8-2008 18:25
2008Oscar GelderblomEntrepreneurship in the Golden Age of the Dutch Republic21-8-2008 18:24
Attachment2008 (revised)Oscar GelderblomThe Resolution of Commercial Conflicts in Bruges, Antwerp, and Amsterdam, 1250-165021-8-2008 18:23
Attachment2008Oscar Gelderblomwith Daniel Bogart, Mauricio Drelichman, and Jean-Laurent Rosenthal: State and Private Institutions21-8-2008 18:17
2006Jessica DijkmanWeighing cheese: Rural dairy trade in the north of Holland21-8-2008 17:55
Attachment2006Jessica DijkmanMarkets and power: medieval market institutions in charters of urban liberties in Holland, c. 1200 – c. 135021-8-2008 17:54
Attachment2005Jessica DijkmanDordrecht and its neighbours: a survey of the origins and effects of the 14th-century Dordrecht staple market21-8-2008 17:52
Attachment2007Jessica DijkmanDebt litigation in Holland, c. 1200 – c. 135021-8-2008 17:51
2008Tine (Martina) De Moor; Jan Luiten van ZandenMicro-Credit in Late Medieval Waterland. Households and the efficiency of capital markets in Edam en De Zeevang, 1462-1563 20-8-2008 11:45
2008Tine (Martina) De Moor; Jan Luiten van ZandenUit fouten kan je leren. Een kritische benadering van de mogelijkheden van ‘leeftijdstapelen’ voor sociaal-economisch historisch onderzoek naar gecijferdheid in het pre-industriële Vlaanderen en Nederland20-8-2008 11:45
2008Tine (Martina) De Moor; Jan Luiten van Zanden"Every woman counts". A gender-analysis of numeracy in the Low Countries during the Early modern period 20-8-2008 11:45
2008Decline of land tax revenue in VII-X centuries Iraq20-8-2008 11:45
2007Tine (Martina) De Moor; Jan Luiten van ZandenGirlpower. The European marriage pattern (EMP) and labour markets in the north sea region in the late medieval and early modern period20-8-2008 11:45