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Meier zu Selhausen, Felix


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Felix Meier zu Selhausen

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PhD candidate

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After graduating in 2009 as MSc in Economics and History at Utrecht University, Meier zu Selhausen studied a post-graduate Master in International Development Cooperation at Universidad de Cantabria in Santander, Spain, followed by an internship at a rural Kenyan NGO. From 2011-2012 he worked for the German Development Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) as junior academic advisor at Mountains of the Moon University in Western Uganda. He has currently joined the research team on institutions for collective action as international PhD candidate. His PhD field research in Uganda focuses on two research projects. The first presents a field survey in Western Uganda's mountains for which 631 women from mountainous Western Uganda were interviewed using a questionnaire. The project aims to measure the impact of membership in a joint microfinance and coffee cooperative for women's financial and social position. The second project involves a large scale digitization of over 22,000 Anglican marriage registers in Buganda and Toro from the colonial and post-colonial eras, 1895-2010. His research interest lies in the interaction between agency and economic development, as well as the study of the economic history of Africa.








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Drift 6, 3512 BS Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Drift 6, 3512 BS Utrecht, The Netherlands

Curriculum Vitae


  • PhD – ongoing (Development Economics) – ongoing – Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Postgraduate Master (International Development Cooperation) – 2010 – Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
  • MSc (Economic History) – 2009 – Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • BA (European Economic Studies) – 2008 – Bamberg University, Germany
Courses lectured:
External Development Finance, Microfinance Customers and Instruments, African Econmic History and Development 

Current research

Current activities




Articles in media

  • Meier zu Selhausen, F. (2012). Reaching for the stars: the phenomenal growth of a rural Ugandan University. South African Economic History Annual 1, pp. 28-30.
  • Meier zu Selhausen, F. (2012). The Big Development Question. In F. Meier zu Selhausen (ed.), Development matters, Yearbook of MMU School of Business and Management Studies. Vol. 3.
  • Meier zu Selhausen, F. and O. Schmidt (2011). Wie Entwicklungszusammenarbeit wirken kann. Welt-Sichten – Magazin fuer globale Entwicklung und ökumenische Zusammenarbeit (October 2011), pp. 61-62.
  • Meier zu Selhausen, F. (2011). The Economics of the Paradox of Plenty – Implications for Uganda’s Oil Bonanza. In Karugaba, D. and F. Meier zu Selhausen (eds), Regional and Political Economics: Yearbook of MMU School of Business and Management Studies. Vol. 2. pp. 73-78.


Academic papers, poster, chapters in books and books published:
  • Meier zu Selhausen, F. (2013). Growing Cities. In E. Frankema and E. Hillbom (Eds.): African Economic History and Development - Online University Textbook of the African Economic History Network (AEHN). Fortcoming under:
  • Meier zu Selhausen, F. (2012). The roots of cooperation. Poster-session WEHC 2012, Stellenbosch University.
  • Meier zu Selhausen, F. and J. Ruhweza (2011). “The current performance of business and operations of rural Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in the Rwenzori region”, Rwenzori Journal 1.
  • Meier zu Selhausen, F. (2010). The Great Convergence “made in China” and its growing influence on the demand of African natural resources. Working Paper Universidad de Cantabria.
  • Meier zu Selhausen, F. (2009). On Geography and Institutions as Determinants of FDI – A cross country comparative analysis of SSA relative to developing countries. Working Paper No. 6. Universidad de Cantabria.


Themes of Education

Applied Economics in Africa, African Economic History, Gender, Female agency, Cooperatives

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Current activities


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Applied Economics in Africa, Global Economic History, Cooperatives, Microfinance

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