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Sluyterman, Keetie


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Prof. Dr.

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Keetie Sluyterman

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Keetie Sluyterman is professor of business history at Utrecht University and a specialist in Dutch business history of the nineteenth and twentieth century. She has written or jointly authored a large number of business histories, including histories of Océ, Proost en Brandt, CSM, (Moret) Ernst & Young, Rabobank, Hagemeyer, Royal Dutch Shell and Boskalis. In the study Dutch Enterprise in the twentieth century: business strategies in a small open economy (Routledge 2005) she gave an overview on the history of Dutch business in the twentieth century through the looking glass of business strategies. She is one of the project leaders of the research programme ‘BINT’, Dutch business in the 20th century, which studies varieties of capitalism and changes over time in national business systems. Recent research deals with Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate attitudes towards sustainability. Keetie Sluyterman is past-president of the EBHA and member of the advisory editorial board of the British journal Business History and the American journal Business History Review.



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Janskerkhof 13

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Curriculum Vitae

  • 1968-1974: history, Leiden University
  • Ph.D.: 1983, Tilburg University: Ondernemen in sigaren. Analyse van bedrijfsbeleid in vijf Nederlandse sigarenfabrieken in de perioden 1856-1865 en 1925-1934, Tilburg: Stichting Zuidelijk Historisch Contact, 1983.


Selected publications:

  • Keetie Sluyterman, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility of Dutch Entrepreneurs in the 20th Century’, Enterprise & Society, vol. 12, June 2012.


  • Abe de Jong, Keetie Sluyterman and Gerarda Westerhuis: ‘Strategic and structural responses to international dynamics in the open Dutch economy, 1963-2003’, in Business History, vol. 53, number 1, February 2011.


  • Bram Bouwens en Keetie Sluyterman, Verdiept Verleden. Een eeuw Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster en de Nederlandse baggerindustrie, Amsterdam, Boom, 2010. 454 pp.


  • Keetie Sluyterman, ‘De visie van de SER op de economische integratie van Nederland in Europa en in de wereld’, in: Teun Jaspers, Bas van Bavel en Jan Peet (red.), SER. Zestig jaar denkwerk voor draagkracht, Amsterdam, Boom 2010, pp. 195-216.


  • Keetie Sluyterman, ‘Changing Business Systems in the Twentieth Century: The Case of the Netherlands’, Business History Review 84 (Winter 2010).


  • Keetie Sluyterman and Ben Wubs: ‘Multinationals and the Dutch Business System: The Cases of Royal Dutch Shell and Sara Lee’, Business History Review 84 (Winter 2010).


  • Keetie Sluyterman, Royal Dutch Shell: Company Strategies for Dealing with Environmental Issues, Business History Review 84 (Summer 2010): 203-226.
  • Keetie Sluyterman en Ben Wubs, Over Grenzen. Multinationals en de Nederlandse markteconomie. Amsterdam: Boom, 2009

  • Keetie Sluyterman Keeping Competitive in Turbulent Markets, 1973-2007. Vol. 3, A History of Royal Dutch Shell, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.

  • Keetie E. Sluyterman, Dutch Enterprise in the Twentieth Century. Business strategies in a small open economy, London and New York: Routledge 2005. [Kerende kansen. Het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven in de twintigste eeuw. Amsterdam: Boom, 2003.]

  • Geoffrey Jones and Keetie Sluyterman, ‘British and Dutch Business History’, in: F. Amatori & G. Jones (Eds.), Business History around the World (Comparative perspectives in business history, pp. 110-145). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003.

  • Joost Jonker en Keetie Sluyterman, Thuis op de wereldmarkt. Nederlandse handelshuizen door de eeuwen heen. Den Haag: SDU, 2000. [At home on the world markets. Dutch international trading from the 16th century until the present Montreal: McGill Queens University Press, 2000].

  • Ben P.A. Gales and Keetie E. Sluyterman, ‘Dutch free-standing companies, 1870-1940’, in: M. Wilkins & H. Schröter (Eds.), The Free-standing Company in the World Economy, 1830-1996 (pp. 293-322). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998.

  • Keetie E. Sluyterman and H.J.M. Winkelman, 'The Dutch family firm confronted with Chandler's dynamics of industrial capitalism, 1890-1940', Business History 35 (1993) no. 3, 152-183.

  • Keetie Sluyterman, Ondernemen in sigaren. Analyse van bedrijfsbeleid in vijf Nederlandse sigarenfabrieken in de perioden 1856-1865 en 1925-1934, Tilburg: Stichting Zuidelijk Historisch Contact, 1983.

Themes of Education

  • Business history
  • Economic history
  • Multinationals
  • National business systems
  • corporate social responsibility/sustainability

Current Education Activities

  • Business history

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Research Projects

link to open itemBedrijfsleven in Nederland in de Twintigste Eeuw (BINT)
link to open itemHistory of Heineken, 1864-2014


link to open itemBusiness history
link to open itemFamily firms


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