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DCCD Repository

Querying the DCCD

The content of the DCCD can be queried. Results are shown on a geographical map and in a list. Non-members can perform unassisted queries. This means they can type in a term and see general results.

Members can query deeper levels of the DCCD, using pick lists in 'advanced search'. In 'advanced search' they can also use combinations of terms. >

Query results may vary per user, since they depend on the permission levels set by the different data managers.

Possible queries of the DCCD are:

Organization, e.g.

Researcher, e.g.

Heritage category, e.g.

Location, e.g.

Tree species, e.g.

Under 'advanced search' combinations of these terms can be used. 


Website: E. Jansma, last update 29-10-2011
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