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DCCD Repository News


Within ARIADNE new functionality has been added to the DCCD user interface:

  • The home page shows registered organizations on the geographical map
  • Queries now also result in a chronological data overview (see right side of the page)
[placed December 2014]

Open-accces metadata in the DCCD repository will be made available to other heritage sites, as part of  EU-project ARIADNE (2013-2017). This entails the addition of harvesting options to the DCCD repository. Only unlocked information will be harvested. This work is done by DANS.

[placed June 2014]

News archive

  • Manuals have been made for the DCCD data repository ( and database system TRiDaBASE. They can be downloaded using the following links:
  • French data are now available in the DCCD: George Lambert has uploaded research on 39 objects and Willy Tegel of Dendronet (D) uploaded research on 122 objects. [placed June 2nd 2012]
  • Rowin van Lanen (RING Foundation) has uploaded research on 122 objects by Willy Tegel of German company Dendronet. All data are unlocked to download level, meaning that these data are fully open access. [placed 30 May 2012]
  • Michael Grabner of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences has uploaded research on 75 objects (wooden roofs) in Austria. [placed February 24th 2012]
  • Dave Brown of Queens University Belfast has uploaded research on 90 objects (buildings and archaeology) in Ireland.[new!] [placed February 24th 2012]
  • Patrick Hoffsummer of Liege University (BE) has uploaded research on 255 objects (mainly buildings) in Belgium and France. [placed February 24th 2012]
  • Rutile Pukiene has uploaded research on 20 objects (Vilnius Castle) in Vilnius, Lituania . [new!] [placed February 24th 2012]
  • Tomasz Wazny of the Cornell Tree-Ring lab and Nicolaus Copernicus University has uploaded research on 89 objects (buildings and archaeology) in Poland. [placed November 17th 2011]
  • Sjoerd van Daalen of company BAAC (NL) has uploaded research of 441 objects (buildings and archaeology) to the DCCD. Like the data of the RING Foundation (NL) the newly added data can be searched chronologically using the DCCDs advanced search options. [placed November 17th 2011]
  • Paul Copini of the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group at Wageningen University has uploaded a collection of research on current vegetation. [placed November 17th 2011]
  • Aoife Daly of company (Denmark) has uploaded research of 128 objects to the DCCD. [placed November 17th 2011]
  • Esther Jansma of RCE has uploaded 1960's and 1970's research by Dr. A.J. Brongers of the former ROB (now part of RCE) on 30 objects (archaeology, buildings, mobile heritage and living trees). The data and metadata have been digitized from paper by Benno Ridderhof (Free University Amsterdam). The data (actual time series) have not been included in the DCCDs TRiDaS data model (i.e. are not structured according to the new best practices), but are attached in the DCCD project files as stacked fh files. Rowin van Lanen (RING Foundation) assisted this work. We hope to have additional work done by interested students as part of BA and MA theses. [placed November 17th 2011]
  • Pascale Fraiture of IRPAKIK (BE) uploaded research on 213 objects (panel paintings).[placed September 3rd 2011]
  • Josue Suspereggi of company Arkeolan (Spain) uploaded research on 16 objects containing 160 measurement series dating to the 17th century. [placed September 3rd 2011
  • Kristof Haneca VIOE; BE) has uploaded data from 134 objects in Flanders (BE).
  • Maris Zunde from the Institute of Latvian History has oploaded data from 8 objects in Riga (Latvia).
  • Erhard Preßler from company Preßler GmbH uploaded research on 532 objects in the Low Counties (buildings and archaeology). [placed October 29th 2011]
  • Esther Jansma of RCE has uploaded research by Dirk Jan de Vries (in part with Jansma) in the 1980's and early 1990''on 67 buidlings by the former RDMZ (now part of RCE). The data (time series) were digitized from paper, and in majority were entered manually. This digitalization work was done by Benno Ridderhof (Free University Amsterdam). Jansma provided the metadata through existing Word documents. Rowin van Lanen (RING Foundation) assisted this work. [placed August 31st 2011]
  • Esther Jansma of the Netherlands Centre for Dendrochronology/RING Foundation has uploaded research on over 1800 objects (archaeology, buildings, mobile heritage, living trees) in the Low Countries and beyond. Metadata are excellent thanks to prepatory work by Jansma starting in 2004. Future work will include opening up data gathered between 1985 and 1994, so that these data can be downloaded by all DCCD members. At present RINGs data from 's Hertogenboisch have been fully unlocked. Rowin van Lanen (RING Foundation) made important contributions to the data contributions. [placed May 30th 2011]

Website: E. Jansma, last update 06-06-2011
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