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Projects using the DCCD facilities

Literature about the DCCD infrastructure

    • Brewer, P.W., D. Murhpy and E. Jansma, 2011: TRiCYCLE: a universal conversion tool for digital tree-ring data. Tree-Ring Research 67(2), 135-144.
    • Jansma, E., 2010: Preserving tree-ring data: a repository for the Low Countries. In: M. de Groot & M. Wittenberg (eds.): Driven by data: exploring the research horizon, Amsterdam University Press/Pallas Publications, 29-33. 
    • Jansma, E., 2013. Towards sustainability in dendroarchaeology: the preservation, linkage and reuse of tree-ring data from the cultural and natural heritage in Europe. In: Bleicher et al. (eds.), DENDRO -Chronologie, -Typologie, -├ľkologie. Freiburg, 169-176.
    • Jansma, E., P.W. Brewer and I. Zandhuis 2010: TRiDaS 1.1: the tree-ring data standard. Dendrochronologia 28, 99-130.
    • Jansma, E. & R.J. van Lanen, 2012: Een digitale bibliotheek van dateringen: de internationale doorwerking van een Nederlands initiatief. Vitruvius, 36-41.
    • Jansma, E., R.J. van Lanen, P.W. Brewer & R. Kramer, 2012: The DCCD: a digital data infrastructure for tree-ring research. Dendrochronologia,
    • Jansma, E., R.J. van Lanen, K. Sturgeon, S. Mohlke & P.W. Brewer, 2012: TRiDaBASE, a stand-alone database for storage, analysis and exchange of dendrochronological metadata. Dendrochronologia 30(3), 209-211. doi:10.1016/j.dendro.2011.09.002.
Research based on DCCD content
  • Jansma, E., K. Haneca & M. Kosian, 2014: A dendrochronological reassessment of three Roman vessels from Utrecht (the Netherlands): evidence of inland navigation between the lower-Scheldt region in Gallia Belgica and the limes of Germania inferior. Journal of Archaeological Science. doi:10.1016/j.jas.2014.07.019

Online presentations

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