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DCCD Repository

Querying the DCCD

Please see the DCCD repository manual for more detailed information.

The content of the DCCD can be queried. Results (objects) are shown on a geographical map and in a list.

Non-members can perform unassisted queries. This means they can type in a term and see general results.

Membership of the DCCD is free and open for all. DCCD Members can query deeper levels of the DCCD, using pick lists in 'advanced search'. In 'advanced search' they can also use combinations of terms, and look for material from a specified time interval. In this manner it is for instance possible to query for water wells containing oak (Quercus sp.) that dates from the first and second century AD.

DCCD members who are logged into the system can download query results XML. This is done by pressing the download button beneath the geographical map. Save the results on your PC, open Excell and import the file. You will now have a list with one Object per line. 

Query results may vary per user, since they depend on the permission levels set by the different data managers.

Please note: numbers resulting from your query represent the number of studied objects, not the number of tree-ring series.

DCCD members can search for combinations of terms. DCCD visitors who are not logged in can perform simple queries using single terms, such as:

Organization, e.g.

Researcher, e.g.

Heritage category, e.g.

Location, e.g.

Tree species, e.g.



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