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DCCD Repository data

NOTE: Please check this page regularly if you want to keep informed about the content and functionality of the DCCD repository. Please also see under 'News'. 

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Update August 18th, 2014

Between July 2012 and August 2014, 420 objects have been added to the DCCD. The DCCD content of August 2014 is listed below.  

Nr. of studied objects
Paleo-ecology (natural sites)
Ship wrecks
Mobile heritage: paintings
Mobile heritage: wood carvings
Mobile heritage: furniture
Mobile heritage: music instruments
Mobile heritage: unclassified
Living trees (sites)

 Content of the DCCD in August 2014.


Update July 2012

The DCCD repository now contains the tree-ring series of 5050 objects, structures and sites in Europe.

Update November 17th 2011


Around noon today the DCCD contained research results on 3.167 objects in the Low Countries and beyond. The metadata of ca. 2.500 objects are fully open access (courtesy of BAAC BV (NL), the RING Foundation (NL) and VIOE (BE)). The chronological distribution of dated material from ca. 2.100 objects, calculated using the DCCDs advanced-search options, is shown below.

Searchable objecta in the DCCD plotted against time
Searchable dated objects in DCCD per heritage category; x-axis: time; y-axis: number of objects (logarithmic scale).
  • Please note that the content of the DCCD is growing rapidly. The description of the content given in the previous parapgraphs is only of temporary value, and will will be updated in December 2011. 

Latest data uploads


Sjoerd van Daalen of company BAAC (NL) has uploaded research on > 500 objects (archaeology and buildings).
All metadata have been made accesable to DCCD members, meaning that his material can be searched chronologically using the DCCDs advanced search options.


Aoife Daly from company in Denmark has uploaded research on a mill, a water well and a barrel to the DCCD. 

Paul Copini of the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group at Wageningen University (WUR) uploaded research of living trees in the Netherlands and Germany.

Tomasz Wazny of the Cornell Tree-Ring lab (USA) and Nicolaus Copernicus University (PL) has uploaded research of 8 objects in Poland.

Update October 29th 2011

Erhard Pressler of Pressler GmbH (D) uploaded research of 532 objects (buildings and some archaeology) in the Netherlands.

Data Pressler GmbH

Data Pressler GmbH in DCCD

Update September 29th 2011

Josue Susperregi of company Arkeolan (SP) uploaded research of 16 buildings (160 series) in Spain.

Data Arkeolan 

Data Arkeolan in DCCD


Update September 1st 2011

Pascale Fraiture of IRPAKIK (BE) uploaded research on 213 objects (panel paintings).

Data Fraiture (IRPAKIK, BE)


Update; August 16th 2011

Kristof Haneca (VIOE; BE) has uploaded research data on 134 objects (cultural heritage).

Data Kristof Haneca (VIOE, BE)

Data VIOE (BE) in DCCD

Esther Jansma of the RING Foundation (NL) has entered research done at Amsterdam University, ROB, RCE and RING between 1985 and 2009, representing ca. 1750 objects. All metadata are fully open access, meaning that this collection can be searched for among others wood species and the chronological distribution of the material.

 Peter Brewer of the Cornell Tree-Ring lab has summitted four Aegean chronologies (cedar) by Prof.dr. Peter Kunihoml (emeritus).

Data Kuniholm (Cornell Tree-Ring Lab)

Data Cornell Tree-Ring Lab

 Maris Zunde of the Institute of Latvian history has submitted research projects in the historical centre of Riga (Latvia).  

Data of the Institute of Latvian History

Data Institute of Latvian History in DCCD


Other laboratories are preparing submissions. An overview of the participating laboratories can be found here.


Website: E. Jansma, last update 18-08-2014
ProjectsWiki: DCCD Repository Data