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Products: the Tree-Ring Data Standard (TRiDaS)

TRiDaS is a data model using XML which is specifically designed for the exchange and linkage of tree-ring data (measurement series plus descriptive and interpretative metadata; Jansma et al. 2010).

Specific fields allow linkage to research-related documents (e.g. photo's, video, pdf). Because TRiDaS uses controlled vocabularies, queries can be performed on the metadata stored in this format. This allows users of the DCCD to search for data by asking specific questions (e.g., tree species, manufacturing location, artefact type, provenance of the wood). TRiDaS has been developed by an interdisciplinary group of scientists in many countries. The most recent version is TRiDaS version 1.2.2. A complete list of contributors can be found here.

See the TRiDaS website at for more information, inclusing technical specifications and links to TRiDaS-nbased software.





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