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Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology (DCCD)

A digital data library for dendrochronology

TRiDaBASE: Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. Where can I download TRiDaBASE?
A. On this VKC. Please follow this link to go to the information page.


Q. What is the fastes way to learn about TRiDaBASE?

A. The manual.


Q. If I give the download command, the system asks me for login details. Do I need to be a member of this VKC and to be logged in?

A. No, all visitors of this site can dowload TRiDaBASE. If you run into problems, please try a different browser (or browser version). Clicking 'cancel' several times often works.


Q. If an update of TRiDaBASE is available, can I use this without losing the content of my previous version?
A. Yes, the new system will automatically convert the content of the old system. No content will be lost. Please see the manual.


Q. The first time I run TRiDaBASE, it asks for the 'default domain'. What is the 'default domain'?
A. Please see the manual.


Q. How many projects can I store in TRiDaBASE?
A. As many as you want. In TRiDaBASE use f12 to go to the navigation screen. Here you will see a list of the projects that have been entered into the system.


Q. The DCCD webapplication expects TRiDaS XML that contains references to file names of ring-width series and (sometimes) chronologies ('derived series'). How do I put such references into my TRiDaBASE projects?

A.  Please see the manual.

Q. I don't want to type in all my existing research metadata into TRiDaBASE, because my metadata are already stored in the headers of old-legacy tree-ring data formats. How can I arvest the metadata from these formats?
A. You will find the anwer here.


Q. I have used TRiDaBASE for some time now, and the system appears to become slower. What can I do?
A. In TRiDaBASE, got to the menu 'Extra' and next go to the fourth option from the top, which lets you compress and repair the database. Please use this procedure frequently.




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