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Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology (DCCD)
A digital data library for dendrochronology

TRiCYCLE: the data conversion library





The program library TRiCYCLE (last published version dating from 21 March 2011) has been developed by Peter Brewer and Daniel Murphy of the Cornell Tree-Ring Laboratory and Esther Jansma of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University and RCE.

It is a tool for converting to and from many of the dendro file formats in use worldwide today. These are among others:

  • Belfast Apple
  • Belfast Archive
  • Besancon (including SYLPHE variants)
  • CATRAS (Aniol 1983)
  • Comma delimited text files (CSV)
  • Corina Legacy
  • DendroDB
  • Excell (Microsoft)
  • Heidelberg (TSAP-Win; Rinn 2008)
  • Microsoft Excell
  • Nottingham
  • PAST4 (Knibbe 2008)
  • Sheffield D-Format (Dendro for Windows; Tyers 1999)
  • Topham
  • TRiDaS (Jansma et al. 2010)
  • Tucson (RWL and CRN)
  • Tucson Compact
  • VFormat

This work is funded by NWO and the Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Laboratory for Aegean and Near Eastern Dendrochronology (Cornell University). The code is used by the DCCD repository for ingesting and giving out data in these formats. It is also used by the Corina software at Cornell University.

The raw DendroIOLib is intended to be used by software developers to give users easy access to dendro data in many formats. However, we are also releasing the stand-alone application TRiCYCLE, which users can run on their personal computers. See previous page for the downloads.


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       ring data. Tree-Ring Research 67(2), 135-144.

Jansma, E., Brewer, P.W. and I. Zandhuis, 2010. TRiDaS 1.1: The tree-ring data standard.

       Dendrochronologia 28 (2) 99-130.

Knibbe, B., 2008. PAST4 - Personal Analysis System for Treering Research Software

       Version 4.5. SCIEM.

Rinn, F., 2008. STAP-Win software. Rinntech, Heidelberg.

Tyers, I., 1999. Dendro for Windows promgram guide. ARCUS Report 500.


Website: E. Jansma, last update 05-05-2011

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