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The online DCCD repository (Jansma et al. 2012) was first released in October 2010 (beta version, basic functionality) and again in June 2011 (content and improved functionaly). It contains research on ca. 5,000 objects from the last eight millennia, as well as their research documentation (metadata). DCCD users continue to add new data. Click here to get an overview of the data stored inside the DCCD.

All can use the DCCD to obtain general overviews of its content using the public metadata in the repository. The public metadata are:

  • Project title: the human-readable title under which a project is stored;
  • Research context (project type): e.g., anthropology, climatology, dating, ecology;
  • Principal investigator: the scientist responsible for the project’s content;
  • The period in which the research took place: year/month/day, or estimation;
  • Physical context of the material: e.g. archaeology, built heritage, furniture;
  • Laboratory: name of the laboratory that produced the data;
  • Object title: the human-readable title given to the studied object(s) in a project.

In the DCCD, access to all other information is managed by the data owners. In addition users need to agree to the general conditions of use and the licence agreement.

The digital architecture of the DCCD allows future storage of new data and linkage to other digital archives and web applications. 

Tips for uploading data to the DCCD




Website: E. Jansma, last update 06-05-2011
ProjectsWiki: DCCD Products Repository