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Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology (DCCD)

DCCD dictionary

The DCCD dictionary has been developed to ensure standardization of metadata throughout the DCCD community and to optimize query results. By using the DCCD dictionary the community is able to query multilingual datasets using their own language (currently English, Dutch, German and French) and to establish semantic links with other datasets.

The DCCD Dictionary is constructed from a number of different controlled vocabulary lists, which can be downloaded using the links below. The DCCD Dictionary uses TRiDaS enumeration to ensure optimal compatibility with the TRiDaS data model. In addition it uses controlled vocabularies for object types, element types and taxon information, derived from existing thesauri and/or dictionaries.

The DCCD Dictionary is used by the DCCD data repository to validate uploaded TRiDaS XMLIf the uploaded XML uses terms not in the DCCD Dictionary the project will not be accepted into the DCCD repository. The user will then be advised to edit the project in MyDCCD (available for DCCD members who have logged into the DCCD web application) and select a term out of the DCCD Dictionary.

Members of this website can request that a new term is added to the DCCD Dictionary. For requesting a new term, please click here. To become a member of this site and contribute to the DCCD Dictionary, please click here.




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