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april 21
Follow up on ruling about tree-ring data Queens University (Belfast)
Climate sceptic wins landmark data victory 'for price of a stamp'
april 20
Following code progress

For those of you waiting with anticipation for the next version of TRiDaS or the DendroIOLib, you can now track progress using

As the TRiDaS code is hosted in an openly accessible SourceForge repository, Ohloh is able to keep an eye on the repository and provide summary statistics etc. For instance:

april 20
Data conversion library

Work is well underway on the DendroIOLib that will provide a tool for converting to/from many of the popular dendro file formats in use today including:

  • TRiDaS
  • Tucson
  • Heidelberg
  • Hohenheim
  • PAST4
  • Dendro for Windows
  • Corina legacy
  • Spreadsheet (output only)
  • Besancon
  • D-Format
  • V-Format
  • ...and any others that people can suggest and give details about!

The library will initially be utilised by the DCCD webservice to enable it to import data into the repository, but will also be used by the Corina software and possibly later by MeasureJ2X.

The raw DendroIOLib is intended to be used by software developers to give them easy access to dendro data. However, we also hope to release a simple standalone application that users can run on their computers.

april 19
Sampling action Iberian Heritage Project
Members of the Iberian Heritage Project will be undertaking a sampling action in Andalusia (Spain) in the coming days (22-28 April). Several forest stands will be sampled in order to create long time-span chronologies of Pinus nigra that will allow the dating of historical timbers in the Andalusian region. Furthermore, a sampling permit has been obtained for the cathedral of Jaen. The city of Jaen is located nearby the forest stands that will be sampled. Historical records indicate that the 16th C cathedral was built with timbers from those forests. The samples from the cathedral will help consolidating the chronology of the living trees in earlier centuries.  
april 07
Dendrochronology in NRC
April 10th the major Dutch newspaper NRC contained an article by Warna Oosterbaan about data handling in the siences (sciences section of the newspaper). Dendrochronology and the DCCD-project (our data infrastructure, subsidized by NWO) received a lot of attention in this article.
maart 23
DCCD-project: planning in part online
The development of the TRiDaS stand-alone database will be finished May 10th. See the link below for the current planning at RCE and the RING lab. To all project members: please fill in your own planning.
maart 23
Multilingual controlled vocabulary online
Just would like to let you know that the up-to-date version of the multilingual controlled vocabulary (version 1.0) can be found within the  Terminology of dendrochronology project workspace. For a direct link please click here:
Please feel free to download and improve this list. All comments can be put within the workspace.
maart 11
Minutes of the December 2009 meeting online!
Hi all,
Just would like to let you know the definitive minutes of the december 2009 meeting are online. This version includes handouts and presentations. For now, you can find this PDF in the Site Documents section (you have to be logged into the digital platform):
februari 18
TRiDaS v1.2.1 released
Just to let you know that we have now release TRiDaS v1.2.1. This is a bug fix release with no major added features. For those that are interested, details of exactly what has been changed can be seen in the changelog and documentation available on the website:
februari 04
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