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Dutch novel about dendrochronology: De Messias


‚ÄčAuthor: Julian Winter

Publishing house: Prometheus/Bert Bakker, Amsterdam (NL)

De Messias_Book cover.jpg
In September 2015 a Dutch novel will appear in which dendrochronology plays a key role. De Messias ('The Messiah') tells the story of Emma Faber, a dendroclimatologist who becomes involved in the research of stringed instruments. Her adventures in a realm dominated by greed and vanity are intertwined with the history of Antonio Stradivari and his legacy, taking us from 17th-century Italy through Napoleonic France to post-war Berlin.

More information: see the summer catalogue of Prometheus/Bert Bakker (2015; in Dutch). For the English translation please follow this link.




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Announcements: Dutch novel about dendrochronology: De Messias