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 Boekpresentatie De Messias

Op 24 september wordt de roman 'De Messias' gepresenteerd in Atheneum Boekhandel, Amsterdam. 

Met De Messias publiceren Wiljan van den Akker & Esther Jansma hun eerste gezamenlijke roman onder de schrijversnaam Julian Winter. Eerder vertaalden ze samen gedichten van de Amerikaanse dichter Mark Strand.

15-8-2015 14:37Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Dutch novel about dendrochronology: De Messias

​Author: Julian Winter

Publishing house: Prometheus/Bert Bakker, Amsterdam (NL)

De Messias_Book cover.jpg
In September 2015 a Dutch novel will appear in which dendrochronology plays a key role. De Messias ('The Messiah') tells the story of Emma Faber, a dendroclimatologist who becomes involved in the research of stringed instruments. Her adventures in a realm dominated by greed and vanity are intertwined with the history of Antonio Stradivari and his legacy, taking us from 17th-century Italy through Napoleonic France to post-war Berlin.

More information: see the summer catalogue of Prometheus/Bert Bakker (2015; in Dutch). For the English translation please follow this link.

8-4-2015 17:49Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Three Roman ships from Utrecht (NL) were built in Flanders (BE)

​Link: Jansma, Haneca & Kosian 2014.

Dendrochronological research shows that Roman river barges 'De Meern 1' and 'De Meern 4', and the Roman punt 'De Meern 6', were built in north-western Flanders (Belgium). The location of the wreck sites in Utrecht-De Meern in the central Netherlands points at inland navigation between Gallia Belgica and the limes of Germania inferior. 

16-8-2014 15:23Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Research subsidy for "The Dark Age of the Lowlands"

​The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) is funding interdisciplinary research on people, landscape and climate in the Netherlands between AD 300 and 1000. The DCCD is one of the data sources. More information can be found here

13-9-2013 11:34Jansma, E. (Esther)
 DCCD Manual

​A DCCD manual has been created explaining the user interface of the DCCD tree-ring archive.

17-6-2012 18:17Jansma, E. (Esther)
 TRiDaBASE version 1.2 and TRiDaBASE manual

TRiDaBASE version 1.2 has been released. As of June 14th 2012 a TRiDaBASE manual ​is also available. The software and manual are distibuted through the TRiDaBASE wikipage on this VKC.

17-6-2012 18:17Jansma, E. (Esther)
 New functionality in DCCD

​As of today the DCCD allows users to download lists of query results. After your query, press the download button beneath the map. Safe the resulting XML, open Excell and import the XML.

29-5-2012 09:20Jansma, E. (Esther)
 DCCD receives data from Slovenia

​Catarina Cufar from Ljubljana University has uploaded data from 7 historical buildings to the DCCD.

28-3-2012 16:04Jansma, E. (Esther)
 New data uploads to DCCD

Data uploads to the DCCD have been realized by Aoife Daly (Denmark),  Patrick Hoffsummer (Belgium), Dave Brown (Ireland), Michael Grabner (Austria),  and Tomasz Wazny (Poland).​

6-2-2012 20:16Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Lithuanian data in DCCD

Rutile Pukiene uploaded the tree-ring data of five historical structures in Vilnius (Lithuania) to the DCCD.​

6-12-2011 22:04Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Data BAAC (NL) in DCCD

​Sjoerd van Daalen of company BAAC (NL) has uploaded research of hundreds of objects (buildings and archaeology) to the DCCD. Like the data of the RING Foundation (NL) the newly added data can be searched chronologically using the DCCDs advanced search options.

17-11-2011 16:45Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Data Nicolaus Copernicus University (Poland) in DCCD

​Tomasz Wany of the Cornell Tree-Ring lab (USA) and Nicolaus Copernicus University (PL) has uploaded research on eight objects (cultural heritage) in Poland.

17-11-2011 13:16Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Data uploads to DCCD from Denmark

​Aoife Daly from company in Denmark has uploaded research on five objects to the DCCD.

17-11-2011 13:08Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Wageningen University has uploaded data to the DCCD

​The Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group of Wageningen University has uploaded research of living trees to the DCCD.

17-11-2011 11:10Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Erhard Preßler (D) has uploaded data of 438 objects to the DCCD
These objects are located in the Netherlands. Click here if you wish to see an overview.
29-9-2011 20:08Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Minutes of meeting September 2nd are online
The minutes of the international 2 September meeting are now online. These are technical minutes focussing on questions about the DCCD and suggestions for improvement.
12-9-2011 18:04Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Presentations September 1st on line.
The presentations of the DCCD final symposium can be found through the on-line symposium programme.
8-9-2011 22:56Jansma, E. (Esther)
We are improving the tips for converting tree-ring data to TRiDaS XML. Please see DCCD User Information.
7-9-2011 20:54Jansma, E. (Esther)
Pascale Fraiture (IRPAKIK) has uploaded 213 projects to the DCCD. Her data collection is derived from paintings (wooden panels).
1-9-2011 21:57Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Data Arkeolan (SP) in DCCD
Josue Suspereggi from company Arkeolan (Spain) oploaded 16 objects containing ca. 160 series, from 17th century monuments in the North of Spain.
1-9-2011 21:55Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Data Flemish Heritage Institute in DCCD
Kristof Haneca's data are available in the DCCD. He deposited 70 projects consisting of 134 objects and 1591 series. They can be found by searching the DCCD for 'Haneca'.
16-8-2011 20:46Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Digital registration DCCD symposium
Please register on line of you want to attend the final DCCD symposium on September 1st 2011, at RCE in Amersfoort. The programme is available through this link.
15-8-2011 14:41Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Paper in 'Tree-Ring Research'
Tree-Ring Research has published a paper by Brewer, Murphy and Jansma about software library TRiCYCLE. The paper can be downloaded here.
8-8-2011 15:47Jansma, E. (Esther)
 > 2050 objects in DCCD
There are now ca. 1800 projects with tree-ring data of 2050 objects stored in the DCCD. Latest additions are by Maris Zunde (Latvia).
9-6-2011 12:45Jansma, E. (Esther)
 New login for VKC members on June 3rd 2011!
The VKC's of Utrecht University are being reorganized. This entails new usernames and passwords for VKC members outside the University. VKC members outside Utrecht University will receive an e-mail message with new log-in details on June 3rd.
30-5-2011 13:38Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Website DCCD improved
The DCCD not shows complete query results on a geaographical map. It now also allows searches for specified time intervals (under 'advanced search').
26-5-2011 16:17Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Closer look at the DCCD: experimenting with data from 's Hertogenbosch (mainly 14th-16th century)
For those of you wishing to have a closer look at the kind of data stored in the DCCD, please go to the DCCD repository and search for "Den Bosch". The result will be a list of research projects conducted on material from buildings in this Dutch town.
Most of these projects can be downloaded. These projects contain dated as well as undated tree-ring series, plus associated files. All studies were done on oak.
Have a nice time experimenting. For references: please see chapter 3 in my thesis (Jansma 1995, also included as associated file in many of the DCCD's Den Bosch projects).
18-5-2011 23:12Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Improved TRiDaBASE availabe
TRiDaBASE has been improved and can now be used for importing TRiCYCLE-produced XML. Downloads are available here.
27-4-2011 18:24Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Geographical maps added to DCCD
The DCCD repository now shows content on geographical maps. Please visit the DCCD site and run a query (e.g. 'quercus', or 'ship) 'to check the new functionality.
16-4-2011 16:33Jansma, E. (Esther)
 DCCD in the press
A national press communication announcing the DCCD has been released om March 9th by the Cultural Heritage Agency (Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed RCE), Utrecht University and Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS). Click here for the English version.
Interview e-data@research
An interview with project manager Esther Jansma appeared the same week in the magazine @Data & Research of The Netherlands Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW).
22-3-2011 20:48Jansma, E. (Esther)
 DCCD repository is receiving research data
The RING Foundation (Amersfoort, NL) has started uploading research projects on 17th century objects and structures. Please visit the DCCD repository and query for 'RING', 'painting', 'ship' and other terms to find out more. Uploaded data are visible for DCCD members until the measurementSeries level, but cannot be downloaded as yet. The material will be used in NWO (Humanities) funded international research
10-2-2011 20:36Jansma, E. (Esther)
 TRiCYCLE released

We'd like to bring your attention to a new, freely available, universal dendro data conversion tool - TRiCYCLE. Downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux are now available from:

TRiCYCLE supports conversion of data between the following formats: Belfast Apple; Belfast Archive; Besancon; CATRAS; CSV; Corina Legacy; Excel; Heidelberg; Nottingham; PAST4; Sheffield; Topham; TRiDaS; TRIMS; Tucson; Tucson Compact; VFormat; and WinDENDRO.

TRiCYCLE is designed to intelligently interpret both the data and the metadata from files. For instance information about pith, bark, species, location, measuring units etc are all read from files where available. It includes a comprehensive system for providing feedback to the end user about errors encountered or assumptions made during the conversion process.

This new open source tool has been made possible using the capabilities of the Tree-Ring Data Standard (TRiDaS) to comprehensively describe dendro data and metadata. Although we hope that TRiCYCLE will be useful in allowing collaboration between labs using different data formats, our ultimate goal is that it will help the community to adopt TRiDaS as the dendro data standard. An article containing a complete description of the tool is currently under review and will hopefully be published later this year.

We thank the many people that have helped test earlier beta versions, but please keep us informed of any bugs you come across as TRiCYCLE will continue to be developed. Keep in mind that the majority of these legacy data formats are completely undocumented. It is therefore possible that there are nuances and features present in some unusual files that have not yet been seen by the developers.

8-2-2011 17:43Person
 TRiDaBASE Online!!
Dear all,
We are proud to announce that TRiDaBASE is online! You can find a language specific version here. If you have any questions please check the FAQ's (on the same site) or email and/or
31-1-2011 22:46Jansma, E. (Esther)
 DCCD online!
After years of hard work the DCCD has been released. Check out the beta version at  
26-10-2010 17:16Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Towards a European research and data network for cultural tree-ring studies
The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) section Humanities is funding the organization of an international research network for tree-ring research using the DCCD. This internationalization project, managed by the National Heritage Agency, will run from september 2010 to december 2012. Click here for more information about the project. 
2-7-2010 14:41Jansma, E. (Esther)
 New Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development (JCHMSD)
The Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development (JCHMSD) stimulates and encourages research devoted to the sustainable development of cultural heritage and to the positive contribution of cultural heritage management towards a sustainable environment.
11-6-2010 12:30Marta Domínguez Delmás
 Completing stand-alone data-conversion library
We are completing the development of a stand-alone data-conversion library that will allow conversion to and from many tree-ring data formats, including the newly developed TRiDAS format which allows for lots of metadata, as well as older formats such as Tucson, Heidelberg, TSAP, D-format, V-format, Besancon and Catras. 
DCCD-participants who want to suggest a name for this utility are invited to contact the DCCD-project leader, Prof.dr. Jansma. See the DCCD-project workspace for details.
In a few weeks the conversion library will be made available through this website. The development was funded by NWO section Humanities as part of the DCCD-project (Medium Investment subsidy).
3-6-2010 23:07Jansma, E. (Esther)
 QUB collaboration with DCCD
Queens University of Belfast will collaborate with the DCCD when unlocking tree-ring series and metadata. The collaboration will be formalized in May 2010.
6-5-2010 12:42Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Data collection of Queens University Belfast is on line!
On April 28th Prof. Keith Bennet (Head of School: Geography, Archaeology & Palaeoecology, Queen's University Belfast) mailed to the dendro forum ITRDBFOR that 9000 files of raw tree-ring data, acquired over 40 years at QUB, are now available on the web.The files may be accessed at: or go to the main Chrono page (, and look under the 'Resources' tab.

He adds in his message: "Please read the introductory material and note that further informationthat may be helpful in understanding the raw files is available on request. More complete information about these records will be placed in the recognised international depositories as it is collated."

29-4-2010 10:13Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Development of data conversion tools
A public site and restricted workspace for I/O library activities have been added to the VKC.
22-4-2010 21:56Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Development of data conversion tools
For the DCCD project Peter Brewer (Cornell University) is developing code for data conversion between many dendrochronological formats. See his information on the Blog. If you want to keep track of activities, click here to find a useful link.
21-4-2010 21:58Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Queens University (Belfast) has to hand over its tree-ring data
Queens University in Belfast, which has a 40-year tradition in tree-ring research, has to hand over its complete collection of tree-ring data under the Freedom of Information Act. See BCC-article of January 19th or click here for the announcement by DANS (KNAW/NWO).
21-4-2010 19:53Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Sampling action Iberian Heritage Project
Members of the Iberian Heritage Project will be undertaking a sampling action in Andalusia (Spain) in the coming days (22-28 April). For more information go to the blog.
19-4-2010 21:18Jansma, E. (Esther)
 TRiDaS 1.2.1 database (beta version) available for testing
DCCD-members, you are all invited to visit the DCCD project workspace. See the main page of this VKC at the bottom, 'DCCD-project', for a fast route to this site. Details about the newly released beta version of the TRiDaS 1.2.1 database can be found there, under 'Annoucements'.
19-4-2010 21:18Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Article in national newspaper NRC, April 10th 2010
On Saturday April 10th a nice article by Warna Oosterbaan appeared in our Dutch national newspaper NRC. Topic: data sharing and collaboration in the sciences. Dendrochronology is a major part of this article. See
15-4-2010 22:47Jansma, E. (Esther)
 Important DCCD information!!
Some important new DCCD developments (regarding the DCCD development page) can be found through:
15-4-2010 22:46Jansma, E. (Esther)
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