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The Dark Age of the Lowlands in an interdisciplinary light
People, landscape and climate in the Netherlands between AD 300 and 1000
funded by NWO section Humanities, 2012-2019
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  • ​Map of urbanization in the Netherlands AD 1200-present:
    New techniques have allowed the combination of historical maps of towns with reconstructed road networks in The Netherlands. In november 2016 this has resulted in a digital map of the Netherlands for AD 1575. The underlying data in part were developed within UU/NWO project ‘The Dark Age of the Lowlands in an interdisciplinary light.’ See Van Lanen et al.  (in press). (Full reference: Van Lanen, R.J., M.C. Kosian, B.J. Groenewoudt, T. Spek & E. Jansma (in press): Route persistence. Modelling and quantifying historical route-network stability during thelast two millennia: a case study from the Netherlands. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences.) [November 2016]
  • Oak tree trunks from the vicinity of Zwolle may tell us more about the history of the IJssel. See news item RTV Oost, 5 juli 2014. [September 2014]

  • Dendrochronological evidence shows that three Roman boats excavated in Utrecht-De Meern were built in the Lower-Scheldt region (Belgium). This points at the existence of inland-navigation routes between the Scheldt and Rhine-based limes during the Roman period. For further details, see Jansma, E., K. Haneca & M. Kosian, 2014. [August 2014]
  • A ship wreck excavated in February 2013 at Catharijnesingel Utrecht has been dated dendrochronologically to the Early Middle Ages (ca. AD 680). The research report (in Dutch) is available here. [October 2013]
  • The Nederlands Museum voor Anthropologie en Praehistorie (SNMAP) has provided funding to the Netherlands Centre for Dendrochronology (RING Foundation) for dendrochronological equipment dedicated to wood research and education within the project. For the duration of the project the equipment has been installed at Utrecht University, dept. of Physical Geography. [February 2013]
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