What does a VKC have to offer?

A virtual knowledge centre is so much more than a well secured working environment. Options include:

  • Collaboration with fellow researchers from the Netherlands and abroad within a shared workspace
  • Working on your own documents in your personal workspace
  • Managing the planning of projects
  • Viewing events, announcements and blogs by fellow researchers and adding your own information
  • Sharing (preliminary) research results
  • Exchanging relevant links
  • Saving and sharing data

Key concepts are:

  • Repository
  • Collaboratory
  • Communication
  • Knowledge portal
  • Distributed
  • Online
  • Membership

In addition to a restricted section, each virtual knowledge centre has a public section, with for instance an overview of all research projects and access to public research data and publications.

The University Library stores all data and supervises sustainability.

As a Partner in Science the University Library closely collaborates with each community to create a safe, dynamic and effective working environment.

The University Library offers its expertise to give shape to the VKC, allowing you to concentrate on the content.