How is a VKC created?

A VKC is created in close consultation with the research group in question and has a bottom-up procedure.

Listing the wishes
When a research group shows interest in a VKC, we check if there is a match between the wishes of the research group and the functionalities of the VKC. To do so, we present the base version of the VKC to the research group and discuss the wishes of its members. If the group decides to set up a VKC, a planning is made (after faculty consent). A joint project group is set up.

Base version VKC
The starting point is a base version of the VKC in which the most requested functionalities are already prepared. The project group discusses alterations and adjustments in relation to the situation of the research group.

Development and expansion
The University Library further develops and hosts the VKC (within reasonable bounds in respect to effort and size). Together with the subject specialist, the research group provides the scientific content. Then all members are invited. In the following years the VKC will be expanded, again as a joint effort.