About Partner Partner is a strategic programme of the Utrecht University Library which started in 2005 in close cooperation with a number of faculties, IVLOS and the ICT management. Its aim is realising an infrastructure which enables the University Library to further shape the aspirations of being a Partner in Science in the "virtual world".

In this the concept of Virtual Knowledge Centres (VKC's) play a central part. They are necessary to optimally support the sharing and creating of knowledge products within academic knowledge domains.

At the end of 2007 the final version of a VKC prototype was produced and tested. This meant the first step in the practical realisation of the Partner programme. Since that time many VKC's for research groups have been made available.

The University Library plays a facilitating and supporting role.


Virtuele Kennis Centra worden ondersteund door een team van 8 vak- en informatiespecialisten: