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A VKC contains five tabs, each with their own functions and therefore their own functionalities (which moreover may differ per research group).

Below you will find a global description of the five tabs. Clicking through will take you to a list of the functionalities under that particular tab.




  • Under the Home tab you will find general information about the research group, including contact details, which is often publicly accessible.
  • Under the Research tab you will find information about the research by a particular group, often publicly accessible, but also containing restricted research tools, such as a discussion room and options to create separate workspaces for projects or the joint writing of documents.
  • Under the Education tab you will find options to offer information about education (publicly accessible) and to collaborate with students on documents (blocked part). NB. The functionalities under Education are deliberately kept small because the VKC is not the same as an electronic learning environment (ELO).
  • Under the Knowledge Portal tab you will find all kinds of information sources such as links to library pages, a list of useful links, but also knowledge management tools such as places to upload interesting articles and add your comments.
  • Finally, under the Board tab restricted administrative information is stored such as the meeting documents and minutes.

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