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If you still have problems after reading this manual, please contact the support unit of the VKC.

You can do so in the following ways:

  • VKC members can best contact their own community contact person and/or one of the taskforce members.
  • For a new VKC you can best contact one of the taskforce members.
  • For urgent questions or technical problems you can contact a taskforce member, call 030-235 6115 or email:   

Virtual Knowledge Centres are supported by a team of 8 information specialists and subject librarians:
Bertine Bouwman (VKCs Humanities) Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
Pieter Reeve (VKCs Humanities) Mon-Thu morning
Oana Draghici (VKCs Science) Tue, Thu, Fri
Paulien Wiersma (VKCs Medicine and Veterinary Medicine) Mon-Thu
Jeroen Bosman (VKCs Geosciences) Mon, Thu and Fri
Anne Rutgers (VKCs Social Sciences) Tue and Thu
Cora Pieffers-Meijer (VKCs Law, Economics and Governance) Mon-Thu
Sicco Spermon (VKCs Law, Economics and Governance) Mon-Thu

They can answer your general questions about this service, but also specific questions about your own VKC, for example: 

  • if you want to apply for a Solid ID for someone outside Utrecht University
  • if you would like to remove a workspace (this applies to all types of workspace)


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