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Action plan
Welcome to this step-by-step action plan for implementing your VKC.
When you start with a VKC you will get an empty basic version. Together with a subject specialist and a project manager from the UBU you will have to adjust and fill in this VKC before it is ready to use.
In this section you will find links and help on the parts of a VKC that you are likely to use first. It is divided into three sequential parts: First Set up, Filling in and Start to work. Of course every VKC is different, so you may or may not want to follow these suggestions, but for most VKC's this could be a good starting point.
First Set up
A completely new and empty VKC needs the following steps for a first set up:
  1. Write a welcome text on the 'Welcome' section on the Home-tab and in the 'About' sections on the Home- and Research-tab. To do that, just click on the orange title ('Welcome' or 'About') and on the next page click on the 'Edit' button.
  2. Add community members to your VKC. For more information on adding member, go to this page. For more information about the different kinds of permissions, please refer to Rights and roles. It is possible to send an automatic invitation by e-mail to new members. At this stage you may want to think carefully about who you invite to an almost empty VKC.
  3. Add some information like announcements and events on the Home-tab or conferences and seminars on the Research-tab. See Items and lists.
  4. Write the Contact information on the Home-tab. This may include address and route-descriptions, but should at least offer a way to get in touch with someone from the community, like a name or e-mailaddress.
  5. Fill in the Faculty list on the Research tab. This is one of the most used parts of a VKC. You can ask members to fill it in themselves (which would be a good way of getting them to work with the VKC) of you can find someone to fill in some preliminary information about members (which could help these members to feel more at home in a new VKC). For help on using tags look at this page.

After following these steps, someone who visits the VKC will understand what this VKC is, and who the community is behind the VKC.

Make it your own

Now is the time to look more closely to your VKC and change it into your own environment.

  1. Identify the tools or functionalities that are most important for your community. For example this could be the workspaces for collaboration, or a series of project descriptions, or maybe educational information. This is also the right moment to discuss your VKC with your UBU-contacts (subject specialist and/or project manager). They can help you if you want to make changes or additions to the VKC. See the contact-page for more information.
  2. Fill in your specific important tools. For example
    • make project workspaces for all relevant projects and assign project leaders or project members (or ask you project leaders to do it themselves)
    • write project descriptions in the project wiki
    • add relevant documents to the document libraries
  3. Discuss the Information Resources and the News Channels on the Knowledge Portal-tab with your subject specialist.

After following these steps your VKC will be ready to invite all the community members to start working.

Start to work

By now you have enough to actually start doing your work in your VKC. Which part will be most important for you will of course depend on your type of work! You may want to start with some projects in the project workspaces, or maybe you will want to work with the knowledge base in the knowledge portal, or maybe the education-tab is most important for you.

Don't try to do everything at once. Just pick out the most valuable part(s) and give them your attention. You will start using the rest of the tools when you need them.

Bring your community along

During the last stage of starting up a VKC it is important to get the community members to look at the VKC as the place to be. In some cases that is easy, in some cases it can be difficult. There are several reasons why members may be reluctant to start with working in a VKC:

  • they may be somewhat overwhelmed by the possibilities.

It can help to have some relevant information already available, so they can easily identify the different sections. Another option is to show the different tools (especially the ones that are important for your community) during a presentation.

  • for some members working with a VKC may seem difficult at first. Especially for members who are not familiar with web2.0-tools a VKC is very modern software.

You could help them by showing the different steps, for example during a presentation or workshop. The UBU can help with that.

  • most people will come to a VKC to find information, instead of bringing and posting information. They will drop out if the VKC does not help them in their daily work.

It will help if there is something for them to be found from the beginning. Appoint someone who will fill the VKC during those first stages. After a while you will see that more members will start posting information.


There are more ways to make a good start with your VKC. Discuss this with your UBU-subject specialist or project manager. They will be glad to help you. See the contact-page for more information.






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