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In august 2011 the entire Sharepoint environment has been updated to new servers and a new version of the software (Sharepoint 2010).


The main reasons for this update were:


1.      A more userfriendly interface

2.      Better supported in browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

3.      The use of the ribbon, as in the new MS Office Suite 2007.

4.      A more stable and robus environment for the ICT support team, and brand new hardware.


In short, with this update we have granted the most important gestures for improvement we received from our users (userfriendly, modern, and less dependent on Internet Explorer). Also we have made the environment suitable for the future, so we can continue supporting VKCs for years to come.


The most visible part for the users is the Visual Upgrade. The most visible changes after VU are the new user interface and the use of the ribbon. 




 If you want more information on this update, please contact your Taskforce member. This manual will be updated in time.






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