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Quick start
Welcome to this quick start section for implementing your VKC. If you want more information on starting your VKC, go to the Actionplan.
A new VKC is nearly empty. So you need to start filling!
First Set Up
A completely new and empty VKC needs the following steps for a first set up:
  1. Edit the 'Welcome' and 'About' sections on the Home- and Research-tab. 
  2. Add community members to your VKC.
  3. Add announcements and events on the Home-tab
  4. Add conferences and seminars on the Research-tab.
  5. Write the Contact information on the Home-tab.
  6. Fill in the Faculty list on the Research tab.

After following these steps, someone who visits the VKC will understand what this VKC is, and who the community is behind the VKC.

Make it your own

Now is the time to look more closely to your VKC and change it into your own environment.

  1. Identify the tools or functionalities that are most important for your community.
  2. Fill in your specific important tools. For example project workspaces, project descriptions or document libraries.
  3. Discuss options with your subject specialist.
  4. Invite your community members.

There are more ways to make a good start with your VKC. Discuss this with your UBU-subject specialist or information specialist. They will be glad to help you. See the contact-page for more information.

Wiki Pages: Quickstart Manual