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A new Manual for the VKC's is available (this requires you to log in).


All VKCs have been updated to the latest version of Sharepoint. For more information about the new version, look at Visual Upgrade.


What is a VKC?

A Virtual Knowledge Centre (VKC) can best be pictured as a combination of an online library, focused on a specific knowledge domain and an online work environment focused on knowledge creation in that particular domain. VKCs are part of the Partner programme of the Utrecht University Library. The VKC is an application which is built in Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.


Let’s begin at the beginning:

  1. a step-by-step actionplan to implement a new VKC
  2. or a short quickstart page for new DIY-VKCs


More help on working with a VKC:


If you still have problems after reading this manual, please contact the support unit.


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{Disclaimer: VKCs function optimally under operating system Window XP (or higher), browser Internet Explorer 7 (or higher), and software package Office 2003 (or higher). Although viewing VKCs is possible in almost all browsers, Microsoft cannot guarantee that all functionalities will be available or perform as they should}

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